Randal Design

Pure-CSS Website production in the San Francisco Bay Area

Large Scale Web Site Projects


I worked more than a year on the interface for this new click-and-build web host.

We produced more than 150 themes from the original 14 wireframes.

Screen Shot

A frame-free, split-page design in valid xhtml for this image-bookmarking social network.

The layout functions along with dynamic content and drag-and-drop events.

http://creative.ly/ (No longer live)
Burning Man
After participating in the 1999 rebuild of the official site, I continued on the team of Webmasters until 2001. I corrected hundreds of pages for compatibility with several browsers—in the days when Windows and Mac had significantly different font sizes.


Major Projects
Large sites with expanded user interface.
Small-Business Brochure sites. Hand-built with static content and distinct page design. All but one are built in XHTML.
Personal Projects
I operate all of these sites, and I built them all to Strict XHTML and CSS standards.