Randal Design

Pure-CSS Website production in the San Francisco Bay Area

Manually-Built Sites for Small Businesses

Screen Shot
$teven Ra$pa Productions
The simplicity of this layout leaves room for the multiple slideshows. I worked with the client to choose about 200 pertinent photos. I also invented the lowercase dollar sign.
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Human Creativity
This is the project page for the image-bookmarking site creative.ly. I coded this in colaboration with art director Ivan Cash.
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Edible Light
This is a single-page showcase featuring muliple passive slideshows, so it takes some time to load.
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Flirting With Power
In 2002, I rebuilt this promotional site in 8 days to remove bulky graphics and frame sets. With the screen sizes and bandwidth constraints of the day, it's no surprise that the site is less than 400k. Imagine how much I could trim the code if I rebuilt it today with CSS.
(No longer live)
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Julian Cash Photography
I created a graphic menu and introduced typography to this photographer's site which alternates between white and black backgrounds to harmonize with content.


Major Projects
Large sites with expanded user interface.
Small-Business Brochure sites. Hand-built with static content and distinct page design. All but one are built in XHTML.
Personal Projects
I operate all of these sites, and I built them all to Strict XHTML and CSS standards.