Randal Design

Pure-CSS Website production in the San Francisco Bay Area

Personal Projects

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Randal Alan Smith Photography
For my studio portrait site, I use Flash galleries and a Javascript slideshow. I paid particular attention to using large images on this one.
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Web Profile Pix
This portrait photography site features a flexible page width and photo galleries in Flash.
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Crew Make-up
Based on the above template, this site features Flash photo galleries and an alternate style for printing.
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My event photography site has been delivering party portraits since 2000. I updated Furtographer.com to CSS in 2008 and included a slideshow.
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Minty Fresh Randal
I recently updated this site's design. Here I promote organic household cleaning.
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Shaman Randal
This site presents some of my writing about personal travels and Burning Man. I like the transparent container behind the text content, and the way it overlays with the fixed photo background.
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Meerkat Manor
I designed this site as a vanity project for my housemates. We actually named the house long before the TV series by the same name. I went overboard with antique textures and patterns to give a warm, homey feel.
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(This Site)
For the first time, I decided to go cutting-edge and drop support for Internet Explorer 6. This allows me to make use of several features that can only be supported by CSS 2.1. All the stock photos are my own photography.
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Feeding Tofu to Cowboys
In the early days of blogging, I manually managed these daily postings as a PR project for the Burning Man staging ranch.


Major Projects
Large sites with expanded user interface.
Small-Business Brochure sites. Hand-built with static content and distinct page design. All but one are built in XHTML.
Personal Projects
I operate all of these sites, and I built them all to Strict XHTML and CSS standards.