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Pure-CSS Website production in the San Francisco Bay Area

Learn HTML Principles and Best Practices

codeI start with the basics so you have all the structure and understanding of the principles of HTML. You begin with a plain text editor and progress to DreamWeaver tools, learning not just the tips and tricks, but the best practices for document structure and coding style.

Markup languages are easier than you think. The trouble pops-up when complex layouts are broken by sub-standard browsers. But I can teach you how to tackle buggy browsers while maintaining standards in pure-CSS, without resorting to Javascript tricks.

XHTML is more than just table-free layout. Using semantic markup dramatically increases accessbility and SEO. I can get you working in validated XHTML 1.0 in just a few days of 3-hour sessions. Write me to plan a course.


HTML Tutor
Beginning HTML to Advanced CSS Training.